the environment - A collection of sites and pages which focus on the environment, educational sites to help you reduce your impact on the environment, information pages with quality information on the environment, pages that provide free pictures of the environment that can be used in publications etc, and sites that offer professional services in the sector of the environment. We alkso have various other FAQ pages on the subject of the environment.

Education on the Environment

Eco Labels

A site which focuses ion the subject of eco labels, when you are shopping all of the products you buy have an impact on the environment, some have more of an impact on the environment than others. Eco labels are good way of judging a products impact on the environment.

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Visit the Eco Label Website Examples of Eco Labels

Green Food

A site which focuses on how to reduce your diet's impact on the environment. I suspect you have a slight suspisions that a bowl of salad has less environmental impact than a 16 oz steak. . but why. Answers to these question an more at

the environment - green food the environment - green food the environment - steak and chips
Visit the Green Food Website  Which is worse soya beans or steak and chips? 

Eco Waffle

A blog which looks at various environmental issues, and makes deliberations on the the where's and whys of the human race's existence.

blog on the environment

To the left is feed content, form the latest posts of the eco waffle blog.

To visit the bog please click the link below, or select a topic from the links to the left.

Blog on the environment.


Services Focussed on the Environment

Environmental Consultants

the environment - consultants the environment - environmental permit the environment - desktop study
Visit Environmental Consultants Website Environmental Permits Desktop Study


Information on the Environment - This Site (

Information on the Environment

A site which look in depth at issues such as water shortages and sustainability in the construction industry.

the environment - drought the environment - sustainable housing
Information on Water Shortages  Drought Sustainable Construction

Further information on the Environment


Pictures of the Environment

Pictures of the Environment

the environment - beauty the environment - deforestation
Beauty of the Environment Destruction of the Environment



Why should I care about the Environment?

People debate whether global warming is really happening, and they debate whether the rainforests are important. The world in which we live is important, it supports everything we know, do, own, love so it is probably worth looking after. Just as you change the oil in your car so it won't let you down when you need to go see your aunt, we should look after the environment so there will be future generations of aunties to visit.

Who helps look after the Environment?

Depending on where you are in the world different people look after the environment. In the UK we have a number of people who look after the environment:

Where can I go to learn about the environment?

All of the above sites are great for learning about the environment? Wikipedia is also good.

When is a good time to learn about the environment?

Now. Start Learning


Environmental News

Recycling - Technology - BusinessGreen
Recycling - Technology


Green Living advice on organic, Fairtrade, sustainable and local food and drink - The Ecologist


Journal of Flood Risk Management
Wiley Online Library : Journal of Flood Risk Management


Latest Carbon & Energy Efficiency news and analysis from the ENDS report
News and analysis on the EU ETS, Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), carbon management and energy efficiency


Environmental News from the Southwest UK


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