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How does the FTSE4Good Help the environment?

"The FTSE4Good Index Series has been designed to measure the performance of companies that meet globally recognised corporate responsibility standards, and to facilitate investment in those companies. Transparent management and criteria alongside the FTSE brand make FTSE4Good the index of choice for the creation of Responsible Investment products."

The above statement is everything we can hope to expect from woolly corporate waffle land, but what the FTSE4Good allows us to do is great, rather than view businesses ranked on there profitability, we see them ranked in terms of their environment credentials. I you care about the environment, safer long-term investment and corporate image, then do business with one of these companies and you won't be going far wrong!

The FTSE4 Good has several important uses:


As a basis for responsible investment, financial instruments and fund products


As a research tool to identify environmentally and socially responsible companies


As a reference tool to provide companies with a transparent and evolving global corporate responsibility standard to aspire to and surpass


As a benchmark index to track the performance of responsible investment portfolios


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