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Where can I find evidence to support global warming?

The Doubters

There are a whole bunch of interesting people that don't believe that global warming is real or that global warming does not pose a threat, they might say this for the following reasons the following reasons:

- Warming will be good for planet.

- We are too late to make a change.

- We will fix the environment when it starts to go wrong, so lets carry on in the mean time.

- There is no evidence to support global warming.

- It has been really cold this year.

The Broader Scientific Community

atmospheric co2 graph The graph to the left shows measured atmospheric CO2. Notice anything interesting?

That's right a massive spike in atmospheric C02. But what so bad about that?

Does C02 have a connection with the regulation of global temperatures?

Yes it does in fact there is a very neat correlation between CO2 and temperature, as the graph below shows.

As you can see from the graph there have been big fluctuations throughout geological history, and you can see we are in a warm spot at present question is how warm will this warm spot get, especially with all of the extra CO2 we are pumping in to the atmosphere

If you consider the CO2 spike in the first graph, and the indisputable correlation in the second graph, do you not start to feel that we should slow our emissions until we fully understand what is going on?

I should imagine that some people will be getting angry at this point because they are thinking that the view that anthropogenic (man made) global warming is real, makes them feel guilty in some way, or that it makes implications towards their life style.

The fact is that it is FAR better to arrive at a point in 100 - 1000 years time having done everything we can to lower our CO2 and methane emissions, and say

"Oh well we were wrong and CO2 has nothing t do with global warming"

than the other option which is;

"Oh crap we have irreversibly damaged our plant (for which there is no replacement), and we could have done something"

See bottom of page for references.

  Still have any doubts? Watch this short video clip, presented by David Attenborough.

“It's better to regret something you did than to regret something you didn't do.” - would you not agree with this sentiment.

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