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Which Car is Best for the Environment?

50% of people at this stage are thinking NO CAR, the other half are thinking Toyota Prius.

The "no car" gang would be correct in assuming that walking or riding a horse is better for the environment than driving a car, BUT cars are pretty handy, especially if there is no public transport network in your neck of the woods.


For a number of years the Toyota Prius has had a very green image, and looking at the below fuel consumption figures you might assume that their choice is a well made one.

  Environmental Performance Prius    
  Fuel consumption (combined) 57.6 mpg which car is best for the environment
  CO2 emissions 114 g/km  

But what about some other cars, lets look at a VW Lupo

  Environmental Performance Lupo    
  Fuel consumption (combined) 64.2 mpg  
  CO2 emissions 119 g/km  

So from looking at these figures we might say that the two cars are quite similar. The only difference is that the Prius is a very carbon intensive car to manufacture because of the huge battery it contains.

The Prius's battery contains nickel, lots of its, and this has to be mined from very low grade ores (lots of rocks - big holes in the ground - for tiny amounts of nickel). The carbon footprint for the manufacture of this battery will be large just for the nickel, habitat loss, and contaminated land will results from the mining of nickel.

On top of this the Prius is more complicated than say the Lupo above, and as such is bound to have more problems. So why bother?

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Swapping you car for a more efficient variety is one of the few steps you can take to help save the environment, a modern affecient car will burn less hydrocarbons, create less Co2 per mile / kilometer travelled, which contributes less to global warming.

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