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How does a Green Electricity Tariff Work?

Imagine if you could cook your beef goulash of an evening, on your electric cooker and not feel guilty about carbon emissions at a power station some where, chances are you may not be worried any way, the environment will take care of its self right? And if we mess up this planet we can always move to another one right? No we can't. So get a green electricity tariff, its really easy (one phone call) and costs about 2 - 3% more than standard tariff.

But how does it work?

Your electricity comes from the national grid, and the grid is topped up from various sources. When you sign up to a green tariff the company will guarantee that the energy you use comes from a renewable source, by making sure they pump enough green energy in to the grid to meet the demands of the people who are signed up for green tariffs.

A company such as ecotricity put enough green power in the grid, to balance what is taken out be green tariff subscribers, how can you choose a green tariff provider.

How is the UKs power derived if I am not on a green tariff?

green tariff At present UK electricity generation relies very heavily on fossil fuels as an energy source, in short not enough people are signing up to green electricity tariffs.

There are also green options for green gas tariffs, as well as green electricity tariffs.

It is amazing to think that we still rely on coal for 1/3 of our power generation, where are the coal mines in the UK? . . . and 40% Gas which comes in part from the North Sea, but also from across the north sea, Eastern Europe and Russia. Is this arrangement good for the UK energy security. No it isn't.

Sign up for a green tariff today, and do the UK a favour.


Why are fossils fuels so bad?

It is not just the carbon emissions from fossil fuel power generation that are harmful to the environment. There are a whole host of other impacts.


The photo to the right shows what a scar coal mines leave on the environment, don't get me wrong all of that aluminium to make wind turbines has to come from some where, and that has an impact as well.

Energy Security

As mentioned above.


Burning C creates a lot of ash, and all of this has to be disposed of, it is not a very pleasant substance, and although tight regulation means, it is disposed of very cautiously it is leaving a contaminated land  legacy for future generations.
open cast coal mine
Another good reason to swap to a Green Tariff


(Blurb from Ecotricty Site) Green Electricity didn't exist in the world back in 1996. When we offered it for the first time, we became not just Britain’s but the world’s first Green Electricity company – and we kick-started the now global Green Electricity movement. Our mission was and remains to change the way electricity is made and used in Britain.

We chose this focus because conventional electricity is responsible for 30% of Britain’s carbon emissions – it’s our biggest single source as a nation – and therefore the biggest single thing we can change.

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