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Should I Not have Children to Save the Planet?

The rapid human population growth creates most of the Environmental Issues we face on Planet Earth. In China to prevent damage for a period there was a 1 child policy, which was an attempt to stabilise rapid population growth.

If you would like a detailed read on this topic consider reading up on the Population Matters Website. But read on for some opinion.

Yes It Will Help

Even if you are a vegan, bike riding, non-plastic using eco warrior you still have an impact. So if you create less people by not having kids that it will help. But there is a slight problem with this. . . . .

Dilution of the Fittest

For every person who thinks in a responsible way about the environment, and self imposed population control there are 100 others who do not give a damn. They will breed regardless, and so over time considerate, deposable people will become relatively less numerous.

If you care then you should have a child, and bring them up to be responsible and educate them well, and hopefully they will play a part in leading hum,anity along the right path.


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