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 Top Ten Tips to help save the Environment.

In no particular order:

1 - Save the environment by saving Electricity. Turn off electrical items when not in use, this saves you money, and stops power stations having to work so hard. You could help even more by switching to a green electricity tariff.

2 - Save the environment by saving Water. Get leaking taps fixed. The average UK citizen uses 150 litres of water a day! Try and dial this back a bit. Using more water increase the risk of drought in the UK.

3 - Save the environment by reducing your Waste. Do you really need all of that packaging? Buy a product with less packaging and help prevent waste buy it starts. Just think, buy a product with excess packaging, take it home, throw the packaging away, lorry takes packaging to tip, what a waste.

4 - Save the environment by not wasting food. The carbon footprint (carbon dioxide causes global warming) of food is huge, fertiliser manufacture, shipping from the other side of the world, packaging all add up to what potentially could be a very environmentally damaging product. So try not to throw half of it in the bin!!

5 - Save the environment by Recycling. When you pick up a product check the recycling labels, can it be recycled, if it can't buy something else. Plastics have individual labels, types 1-6 are ok, avoid other plastics.

6 - Save the environment by buying Organic. Manufacture of fertilizer is very energy hungry, buy organic, and save the impact of fertilizer manufacture.
water waste the environment

7 - Save the environment by Cycling. OK not practical for some but could be for many. Get fit, save money, beat the traffic queue.

8 - Save the environment by Eating Green. Buy Localy Produced Food, Know where it has come from and how it is produced read about prawns.

9 - Save the environment by being a eco conscious consumer. How you shop will shape the future. Look for products with recognised eco labels and help lower your shopping's impact on the environment.

10 - Save the environment by spreading the word. Now you know these tips spread the word, tell you friends, family and colleagues.

Other Ideas:

In your house why not try;

- Ditch the Car - Walk to work / school day once a week (or more if you like it).

- Low Electricity Day - Try spending a day only using electricity only for lights. Eat a salad, read a book.

- Switch to a Green Tariff - Only about 2% more expensive than a standard tariff, guilt free electricity.

- Green Banquet Night - Have a meal comprised solely of enviro friendly ingredients.


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