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Why do people deny that global warming is happening?

No Problemo Dude

It is easy to put your head in the sand. The rubbish bin / trash can in the office is getting ever fuller and no one empties it there are three schools of thought here:

1 - Someone else will do it.

2 - It is your job to do it, but you can't be bothered.

3 - You will do it . . . . later.

People deny that global warming is happening on the same basis that they might avoid emptying the bin, it just sounds more snappy to say "there is no evidence" than it is to say "I am too lazy".
ignore global warming

The fact is the government can not fix this problem on its own, yes it can create targets, and the the UK it has created some very ambitious targets to lower carbon. But that is just a small percentage of the solution, we have to;

Adjust the way we Live

Many say cutting back on consumption is key, and yes they are right, but changing the WAY in which you do things is very important, the way you shop, and the way you power your home the car you drive all very important.

Now don't groan, and say you'll do it tomorrow. Look at the below pages and learn about the every day choices you can make to help slow mankind's contribution to green house gases.

- Shop in a responsible manner.

- Switch to a green Tariff

- Eat more green food

Go on its easy.

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